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Hoi An  La Siesta Spa (branch 1) has become one of the most recognized and trusted address for you to relax yourself and regain the energy. We are proud of ourselves to have another recognized establishment – Essence Hoi An Hotel & Spa. With this brand-new, we continue leading the spa industry in the area by embracing the latest advancements in skin care and wellness, provided our experienced staff with continuous in-house training. We believe that real beauty emerges from healthy, well-nourished skin and will continue expanding our nutrition-related services and products in the coming years.

At Hoi An La Siesta Spa, our focus is on your overall well-being. Enjoy many touches of luxury design to help you fully unwind. Relax the body, soothe the soul and lift the spirits…

You are welcome!

Rhythm- Relaxation- Sensation


Relaxing Moment

With professional massage techniques will give you a moment to relax, help you reduce stress and  strengthen the circulatory system, eliminate the shrinkage of the hand, foot or remove the fatigue pain on the head, neck, shoulder, back,…send in your mind a sense of euphoria and refreshing. Excellently after a long plane ride.

Choose the most suitable treatment for you:

• Not use essential oil for:

*   Head, neck, back & shoulders           45’  - RM01      540,000vnd
*   Hand, head, neck & shoulders           30’   -RM02      320,000vnd
•   Use essential oil for:
*   Foot Rest                                           30’ - RM03        320,000vnd

Facial Treatment

• Basic Facial Care: 45’ – FT01              530,000vnd

Help revive facial including a deep cleaning and moisturizing by the finest skin care products.

• Natural Skin Dream: 60’ – FT02              635,000vnd

This signature facial has been described as an experience in its own right. Using the natural and organic products, this facial cleanses, soothes, nourishes and balances all in one treatment. Skin is left radiant and glowing.
Choose the mask that suits you:

         *    Yoghurt
         *    Seasonal fruit
         *    Rice bran

• Collagen Royal Therapy: 60’ – FT03              740,000vnd

Collagen helps provide firmness and elasticity to your skin. It reduces the skin pigmentation, wrinkles and lightens the skin tone. Combining with the gentle massage makes you feel really refreshing and relaxing.
Body Massage

Optional: Plus only 90,000VND for a 15 min steam/sauna before the massage -THB01 / THB02        
• Swedish therapy: 60’/90’ – BM01 / BM02   635,000/845,000vnd

The traditional Swedish massage will bring you a really different feeling. This treatment  uses the aromatic oils and gentle massage for a soothing massage to remove all tension and balance your emotions. Let our power hands silence your troubled, busy head and relieve swollen joints and tired body.

• Relaxation treatment 60’/90’ – BM03 / BM04   675,000/890,000vnd

Using the strong massage with essential oil and focusing on specific and key muscle groups to relieve stress and aches. The rhythmic movements of this aromatic massage will nurture and nourish your creative energies and well-being. The total effect of this therapy will bring all your systems into balance.

• Hot stone therapy: 60’/90’ – BM05 / BM06   740,000/950,000vnd

The hot stone therapy will melt tension away by using the warmth of smooth stone which are placed on painful areas to warm up muscles and promote a sense of well- being.

• Himalayan salt stone treatment: 60’/90’ – BM07 / BM08  780,000/1,160,000vnd

This special therapy is a blend of pure essential oil and the natural salt crystal rocks formed 250 million years ago from an ancient primal sea beneath the Himalayan Mountains. Using the healing massage techniques and warm salt stone to ground and balance the central nervous system. It gently soothes away an accumulation of stress, tension and pollutants while imparting healthy minerals to your skin.

• Herbal therapy: 60’/90’ – BM09 / BM10            825,000/1,225,000vnd

This comprises of local traditional herbs and spices create a really gentle massage treatment. The secret blend of herbs and essential oils will bring your mind, body and spirit into balance. Meanwhile, the massage encourages blood circulation and melts away aching muscles.

Foot care

•     Foot remedy: 60’ – FC01               635,000vnd

This traditional treatments are a perfect remedy to give a hot stone massage for tired legs and feet. The feet can typically take a lot of heat, so your therapist will put the warmth of the stone on the top of the foot to relax the muscles and apply pressure to focused mainly on the feet and legs to clear away congestion of the capillaries, bring balance to your body and your spirit.

•    Foot renew: 60’/90’ – FC02 / FC03    590,000/740,000vnd

Following a natural orange and coffee scrub helping smoothen your feet, a warm foot soak and a very gentle massage will stimulate reflex nerves in the foot and assist in the rebalancing of the entire body.
The Health Benefits of:

• Steam/Sauna: 20’- THB03 / THB04 - 140,000vnd

This is highly beneficial for those who suffer from illnesses such as arthritis, headaches and flu. However, sauna rooms provide dry heat, while steam rooms generate moist heat. Both can open up your pores, loosen up your muscles, soothes your nerve endings, get warmer and help you relax.

• Jacuzzi: 20’- THB05   -  160,000vnd

Spending time together enjoying relaxing moments while soothing soak in the Jacuzzi. The adjustable pressure in the jets of a Jacuzzi provides a hydrotherapy massage for your muscles and joints that can range from gentle to a deep massage. That can help ease away stress and help you fall asleep faster.

• Herbal bath: 20’-THB06   -   320,000vnd

The herbs not only smell and taste good, it has long been used in traditional medicine and beauty treatments, containing many properties beneficial to your health. You will have a most wonderful experience hydrotherapy combined with Traditional Vietnamese herbs to have a herbal bath which helps  you refresh your mind and body as well as reduce stress. This therapy is very well known for treating muscles, joint, and bone pains, flu symptoms and common cold. It also promotes skin beauty by opening pores, removing impurities and leaving the skin soft, clean and silky smooth.

Body Scrubs ( plus free 15 minute sauna/steam)

A deep cleansing and exfoliating treatment that uses mineral sea salts or natural ingredients to remove impurities and dead cells and stimulate blood circulation. Experience a variety of fragrances and ingredients as follow:

• Tamarind & Salt body scrub: 45’ – BS01    635,000 vnd
• Dead sea salt & olive body scrub: 45’- BS02    635,000 vnd
• Coffee & Orange body scrub: 45’- BS03    635,000 vnd

Body Wraps (plus free 15 minute sauna/steam)

The power of natural vitamins, minerals is harnessed in a range of superbly
effective body treatments. All body wrap treatments contain healing ingredients for exceptional skin calming and hydrating effects.

*  Deep in nature with:


- Fresh milk & Fruit & Honey: 45’-BW01    635,000 vnd
- Fresh milk & Mud: 45’- BW02    635,000  vnd
- Fresh milk & Seaweed: 45’- BW03    635,000 vnd
*   Sunburn Wraps:

- Aloe Vera, cucumber, fresh milk & honey: 45’- BW04    655,000 vnd

*  Nails Services

*   Basic manicure/pedicure: 20’/40’- NS01 / NS02   100,000/150,000vnd

The treatments make your hands and feet look young, beautiful and healthy. We soak, shape and buff your fingernails or toenails plus heel care with gentle exfoliating scrub before cutting away the rough and ugly cuticles.

*   Color manicure/pedicure: 30’/45’- NS03 / NS04   150,000/200,000vnd

This treatment involves all basic manicure or pedicure services, then followed by polishing with your favorite colors.

*  French manicure/pedicure: 45’/60’ – NS05 / NS06    180,000/200,000vnd

Begin with our basic manicure or pedicure and finish with Parisian polish.
 ( French pedicure do not include heel care treatment)   

*  Polish change for hands or feet  – NS07 / NS08      100,000vnd

 Paraffin Treatment

A paraffin treatment soothes chronic joint pain and relaxes stiff muscles, and improves blood circulation..
Hand and foot paraffin : 60’=845,000
  Foot paraffin : 40’ =525,000
  Hand paraffin : 40’ =525,000
  Body paraffin : 90’ =890,000

Valid from 1st April 2016 

Special Daily Happy Hours : ( From 9:00-13:00 daily )

Choose one of 02 following options:

  • - Book Body Massage GET one extra service for FREE
1. Body Srub
2. Body Wrap
3. Basic Facial Care 

- Discount 30% for all individual services 60 minutes or more


- These promotions are not applied for the nail services
- This promotion cannot be redeemed in conjunction with any other offers
- All treatments have to be consecutive and completed before the stipulated time of that deal

Add: No. 132 Hung Vuong Street, Thanh Ha, Hoi An, Viet Nam
Tel: +84 510 3 915 915+84 510 3 915 915 – Fax: +84 510 3 915 910
Email: spa@essencehoianhotel.com  Website: www.lasiestaspa.com


1. Food for Feet - 2hr40’ =1,750,000    

After hours walking around to explore Hoi An old town, this package is simply just for you. This package will melt away all your tiring, pains and followed by a warm wrap paraffin will bring you a new legs and new energy for your next journey.

• Foot massage
• Foot Renew
• Foot paraffin

2. Sound of a new day - 2hr50’ =1,940,000

 Immerse yourself in the sweet sounds of nature to soothe away an accumulation of stress and ready to welcome a new day. This includes 60 minutes traditional Swedish massage with essential oil being thoroughly chosen to be suitable for your health. Combining a basic facial care and tamarind body scrub to bring you a whole perfect treatment.

• Sauna or steam
• Swedish massage
• Tamarind & salt body scrub
• Basic facial care
3. Relaxing Rhythm- 3hr10’ =2,195,000

Escape from busy life, come and enjoy the relaxing moment. This is a popular spa packages, enjoy yourself with a perfect deep tissue massage includes a very relaxing facial treatment while your body is refreshed and wrapped by a cool mud leave you a feeling vibrant and relaxed. We finish with a full body lotion application.

• Sauna or steam
• Relaxation body massage
• Fresh milk & mud body wrap
• Facial refreshment

4. From the mountain to the ocean- 3hr20’ =2,470,000

Imagining going up to the mountain with green forest and going down to the sea with the blue water simply refreshes your mind. A blissful blend of hot stone massage and body exfoliation with Dead Sea Salt will immediately make you deeply relaxed and renewed. Then enjoy the natural facial refreshing to feel the energy flow your whole body.

• Herbal bath & Sauna
• Hot stone body massage
• Dead sea salt & olive oil body scrub
• Natural skin dream

5. Sunny beach- 3hr50’ =2,855,000

Do not worry about the sunburn after many days under the sunshine of your long holiday. The sunburn wrap treatment will enhance the skin’s self- healing properties. Followed  by the application of a special Himalayan salt stone massage and skin care to bring you a real beauty and aristocratic elegance.

• Jacuzzi & Steam
• Himalaya salt stone massage
• Sunburn wrap
• Collagen royal facial

6. La Siesta Signature- traditional & model- 4hr50’ =3,905,000

An unforgettable package you are only possible to find at La Siesta spa with the difference between traditional and model treatments. You will be facial cared with royal collagen therapy, then deep breath and enjoy the smell of local traditional herbs of Herbal massage. You are relaxed and pampered with a hand and foot warm wrap by paraffin. Finally, the whole package will invigorate the body and soul.

• Herbal bath & Sauna
• Herbal massage
• Coffee & orange body scrub
• Hand & foot paraffin
• Collagen royal facial

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Add: No. 132 Hung Vuong Street, Thanh Ha, Hoi An, Vietnam
Tel: +84 510 3 915 915+84 510 3 915 915
Fax: +84 510 3 915 910
Email: spa@essencehoianhotel.com
Website: wwwhttp://essencehoianhotel.com/